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Forms, Permits, and Ordinances

You may view many of Newfolden's City Ordinances, forms, applications, and permits here. These documents are being linked to the web as they become available.

If you do not find what you are looking for, call the Newfolden City Administator at 874-7135 or email at

You will need Microsoft Word to view these documents.

Public Utilities - Policies, Rates, and Collections

The City of Newfolden provides Electric, Water, Sewer, and Refuse utilities. During the summer months, the City also provides Mosquito control services. These are also billed with your monthly utilities.

You may access:

Uitility Policy

Utility Connection/Update Form

Table of the 2017 Utility Rates here

Appliance Rebate Brochure and Application

Automatic Debit Authorization

Instruction for On-Line Utility Payments

Planning and Zoning

The Newfolden Planning and Zoning Ordinance was created to insure, promote, and protect the public health, safety and general welfare of the inhabitants of the City of Newfolden.

Newfolden's City Council approached to topic of Planning and Zoning with two goals in mind:

1. Limit City government regulations to those of only critical importance.

2. Create a safe environment in which individuals are inspired to invest, long-term, in a home or business.


Newfolden City Ordinances are updated as deemed important by the City Council. Updates to this site are made as soon as possible. Contact the Newfolden City Office if you have any questions or wish to acquire the most recent copy of any City Ordinance.

Community Center

Community Center Policy and Rates

Community Center Application for use form