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Best Kept Secret in Northern Minnesota

City Staff

The elected and appointed officials who serve the City of Newfolden are a dedicated, passionate group who put serving the public above all else.  We are committed to providing exceptional citizen service in a manner that is responsible, efficient, and effective. 

Newfolden City Administrator Tammy Hansen

The City Administrator performs the statutory responsibilities of municipal clerk as prescribed by state law, city charter or city ordinance.  Administers City elections, issues municipal licenses, maintains official city records, finances, and public documents and assists in the administration of the utility systems, economic development initiatives, and other core functions of City government.

Water/Wastewater/Maintenance Supervisor

The Water/Wastewater/Maintenance supervisor performs a variety of activities related to city-wide utilities, road maintenance,ice and snow removal, and much more. Activities include meter reading, water testing, sewer, water, and electric service performance and maintenance, plowing, mowing, and grading, as well as responding to instances involving power outages, lift-station or pump-house emergencies, and resident requests for assistance.

City Custodian and Truck Drivers
Richard Moen, along with Gail Donarski (not pictured), serves as the City Custodian. In addition, Richard serves as a snow removal truck driver during the winter months. Milton Erickson also serves as a snow removal truck driver for the City.

This is the official site of the City of Newfolden